I have written many words: Lyrics, essays, books, business plans. The older I get the more I realize that words are easy. Actions speak the loudest and clearest message about our lives.

Knowledge has a price. It is easy to destroy a thing: An idea, a home, a love, a faith. It is much more difficult and worth while to build something.
What I know:
There are causes and effects.

There is a design to the universe (whether you perceive random chaos, divine fiat, or something else).

Humans have been talking about creators for millennia.

Humans can be so sure of something that they cease to learn anything.

Many humans have attributed the most horrific and abhorrent characteristics to their version of God; many humans have leveraged those evil versions of gods for political, religious and financial gain.
I was baptized in December 1985.

Love is the highest path; forgiveness is the toll, map, and light for that journey.

Jesus the Christ is the Son of God, the Word made flesh.