No Time Now is a full length solo record released in July 2017. Some of the tracks were previously posted on Soundcloud and YouTube under the Talking Snakes name---a project in Los Angeles. A number of those tracks were remixed or re-recorded altogether for this release. So, indulge me in these 10 tunes, they are all over the place---much like my musical tastes:

Stop The Bleeding

Wasted Fire

No Time Now

Fell Sirens To The Sea

At The Gates Of Paradise

Monkeys In The Family Tree

Sensory Cynicism

Axiomatic Primacy

Karmic Lords Of Ensō

Little Stars


Written, Produced, Engineered, and Performed by Gary Lenaire

Mixed by Gary Lenaire at Griffin Studios and Talking Snakes Recording

Stop The Bleeding and Wasted Fire mixed by Todd Hutchisen at Acadia Recording Company in Portland, Maine

Mastered by Pat Keane

Album artwork by Willie Frazier


I met the great Bubby Lewis in a room in Los Angeles five years ago. One of the most humble, friendly, animated, and gracious individuals I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Having played bass for Snoop DoggSuicidal Tendencies, and many others, I knew he would be perfect for a tune on this record. Thank you Bubby for your contribution on Wasted Fire. It's just you and me on that one---cheers.

I have some of the most amazing friends. Anna Sentina is a great person and very talented bassist. Anna plays bass on the opening track Stop The Bleeding.

Neil Swanson is a gifted guitarist from Texas. He has played for Ritchie Sambora, Orianthi, and many others. I saw him play with Dave Stewart one night in Hollywood and later met up with him. What a great guy and super friendly force in the world. Neil trades solos with me on Stop The Bleeding. His are the first and third solo passes.

What can I say about the timeless vocals of Guy Ritter? In my life I have never met anyone who embodies faithful friendship like him. Guy has been one of my closest friends for all of my adult life. When I set out to record the song Stop The Bleeding I couldn't think of anyone more suited to share the mic with me than Guy. He sings the choruses.

Aly Frank is a singer, songwriter, and pianist in New York, NY. She is an amazing talent and wonderful to work with. Aly sings on the title track, No Time Now. Backing vocals performed by Aly Frank and Andrijana Janevska.


Respect The Guitar 

I have always loved a good song, a great story. Johnny Cash resonates with me as do all of the other great tellers. Guitar was and forever is my admission to that world, to composition, expression. I can use my voice, bang on a drum and play a keyboard...but six strings brought the story out of me. And, if I may, guitar is the coolest most incredible instrument in history.


Music is an arduous task comprised mostly of hard work, training, and rehearsal. The rare inspiration occurs when passion, heartbreak, euphoria, loss, love, pain, happiness, anger, loyalty, and betrayal invade your otherwise routine work schedule. -Gary Lenaire

Thank You

To all who have followed and enjoyed my music throughout the years: I appreciate you dearly. This record embodies the real me, a dedicated artist bringing expression, report, perspective. Enjoy.