God, Why Don't You Call Anymore?

Gary Lenaire


“Those whom his word was revealed were always alone in some remote place, like Moses. There wasn’t anyone else around when Mohammed got the word, either. Mormon Joseph Smith and Christian Scientist, Mary Baker Eddy, had exclusive audiences with God. We have to trust them as reporters—and you know how reporters are. They’ll do anything for a story.” -Andy Rooney, Sincerely, Andy Rooney   


Ever wonder why the biblical God doesn’t speak anymore? I mean, really talk like he allegedly did with Moses. And, why aren’t new Christian books being added to the Bible? Doesn’t God inspire prophets anymore? If not, why? It’s one thing to accept that God may be ignoring one person; I could kind of understand that. But everyone in the world? You would think that if a god existed, he wouldn’t be silent now. What shut him up?

The answer is not so much what shut him up but whom. Imagine for a moment that you could take all the top messages from God and put them in one book. And after you place them in a greatest hits collection, you then publish it and insist that there will not be any subsequent versions. That’s exactly what the church did under the orders of Roman Emperor Constantine in the 4th century. They published the first version of the New, and presumably, the last Testament Bible. 

The idea that personal gods exist is irrational because there is no credible evidence to support it. The probability that divine beings (as articulated in the Bible) exist is tremendously low if you care about empirical evidence. Claiming that an invisible god exists is no more credible than claiming that you are from another planet. The idea that a personal god who has spoken in the past but now refuses to speak is highly suspect. There are, of course, explanations for all of this.

For Christians today, especially the “spirit filled” Pentecostal kind, the Word of the Lord is a very confusing concept. For example, as a Christian, you are taught that the Bible is the final Word of God; it cannot be added to or improved upon. However, you are also taught that God speaks to individual believers and congregations via the Word of Prophecy and the Word of Knowledge, etc. These are specific messages from the Holy Spirit to guide Christians in their current endeavors. What? I thought the Bible was God’s final message that cannot be changed! Spirit filled or charismatic preachers respond to this by saying that “this is God’s way of leading his sheep in specific directions. These are not new commandments, etc.” I respond to that by saying, “If that is the case, then why isn’t that new divine message added to the Bible? After all, the Bible is full of local messages describing God specifically leading his people. Why aren’t God’s amazing new messages to his church being recorded for the edification of the rest of the world’s churches?” I’ll tell you why.

How much power would you wield if you could convince people that your single book is the inspired, perfect, and only Word of God? Knowing that no one could ever “add” to the book ensures that you possess the ability to stagnate the message of religious ideology. You could lord the masses, that’s what you could do. And that’s exactly what the Roman Church has done since the 4th Century. And since the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century, the deceptive and controlling tradition continues. The church says the following to its parishioners and to the world: “We have the only book of God. No one can change it or add to it. You must OBEY its words.” 

Neale Donald Walsch’s books, Conversations with God, were interesting. In them, Walsch has an open dialogue with God which he dictates on a yellow paper note pad. Then, of course, he published and sold millions of copies to the public. I must admit, my opinion is that Walsch’s words in Conversations with God is every bit as delusional and irrational as all the other prophets claiming to have spoken with deity. Logically speaking, however, Conversations with God is no less God’s alleged voice then any other holy book, including the Bible.

Do you pray? Next time you pray make a note of your specific intercessions. Then, just for research (God isn’t opposed to scientific investigation, is he?), pray to Santa Claus. If Santa fails to hear your meditations then make a note of it. If God doesn’t deliver, equally make a note (make sure you’re not playin’ favorites here—be honest). That fact is, as you found out, God doesn’t answer prayer any more than Santa does.

Also remember that if an all powerful God does exist then he constantly allows all of the world's evil to flourish without lifting a finger to stop it (though he could). That problem alone should be enough to alert your senses to doubt that the biblical God is actually there. And if he is there you live with the confusing fact that he is indifferent to all human evil and suffering. Letting billions of humans and animals suffer is inexcusable for a so-called perfect designer of life.


“God is Santa Claus for Adults”

-bumper sticker