Gary Lenaire

Abortion is the terminating of a life form. A fetus is a special kind of life because it has the very high potential of developing into a child, then adult. A cancerous mass is also a life form. However, a malignant tumor won't develop into a child or adult. Killing / removing the tumor life form is a decision that can be easier made. 

I fathered a child. I was there when he was born. I raised him, cared for him. I taught him to ride a bicycle. I watched him walk across graduation stages.

I think terminating a life is a huge decision, especially human lives. Ultimately it is a female decision because females carry the child in pregnancy. Regardless of your view of abortion, it is the killing of a human life. When is it officially a human life, at the time of conception? You must define that for yourself.

My mother once shared something that touched me deeply. In the 1960s people in the United States were getting abortions at an increased rate. My parents already had a boy and a girl, my older siblings. My father referred to that as the "million dollar family" that is, one dad, one mom, one son, one daughter. When I was conceived, it was a mistake, according to my mother. Was contraception available to my parents? Absolutely. Were they careful? No. That triggered the abortion conversation between my parents. My mom decided that she did not want an abortion. The irony here is literally beyond me. I was born on July 29,1967 and therefore I bring these words to you now. 

Abortion is in most cases a result of poor family planning. Abortion has become a form of last resort birth control. People, especially young people, are often very irresponsible in family planning. 

Is abortion right or wrong? You decide that, as you decide all of your moral views. My view is this: I prefer to live in a world where abortion doesn't happen. I prefer to live in a world where abortion doesn't need to happen.